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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Danger, Will Robinson! The Lost In Space Trailer Is Here

It was back in the summer of 2016 that Netflix ordered a 10-episode reboot of the classic Irwin Allen series Lost In Space. Now, the steaming service has released an announcement trailer for the upcoming science fiction series which you can check out below...

Set 30 years in the future, colonization in space is now a reality, and the Robinson family is among those tested and selected to make a new life for themselves in a better world. But when the new colonists find themselves abruptly torn off course en route to their new home they must forge new alliances and work together to survive in a dangerous alien environment. Stranded along with the Robinsons are two outsiders: the charismatic Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) and the roguish Don West (Ignacio Serricchio).

Starring Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Parker Posey and Ignacio Serricchio, Lost In Space debuts on Netflix beginning April 13th.

Source: JoBlo TV Show Trailers

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Sonic The Hedgehog Gets A 2019 Release

SEGA's iconic Blue Blur will be racing into theatres next year.

Paramount Pictures has slated the Jeff Fowler Sonic The Hedgehog movie for release on November 15th, 2019. Neal H. Moritz is producing the project along with Deadpool director Tim Miller, who will serve as an executive producer on the film.

Dmitri Johnson and Dan Jevons will serve as co-producers, while Toby Ascher will executive produce along with Tim Miller.

Golan The Insatiable creators Pat Casey and Josh Miller are writing the script.

First introduced in 1991, Sonic The Hedgehog was seen as SEGA's answer to Super Mario. The videogame series has sold more than 360-Million copies on various platforms over the years.

Sonic The Hedgehog will serve as Fowler's directorial debut.

Mark your calendars accordingly, Infinite Earths fans!

Source: THR Heat Vision

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Review: Valiant - Quantum And Woody #3

Today marks the release of the 50th issue of Valiant Entertainment's Quantum And Woody, and to mark the occasion, Daniel Kibblesmith and special guest artist Francis Portela are marking the occasion with a momentous event - the birth of the Goat's baby!

When Dr. Derek Henderson finally returns, Eric and Woody are more than a little overjoyed at their father's return. However, it is soon discovered that the man's molecular structure is breaking down at an accelerated rate. Within 72-hours, Dr. Henderson will transform into a flood of energy and be lost to the cosmos for good. Upon this realization, Eric takes it upon himself to attempt to find a cure to save his father's life before time runs out. While Woody handles things the only way he knows how - by taking the man out for a crazy evening comprised of babes and booze.

While Eric searches frantically for a cure, readers will be treated to a look into the life of Derek Henderson - from his love of science as a result of classic B-movie cinema and the numerous struggles he was forced to overcome as a young black man growing up in 1960's USA.

We are also treated to another look at Eric and Woody's childhood, one that saw the future world's worst superhero team raised by a man who truly loved and appreciated both his boys, and wanted nothing more than to show his sons the wonder of the world of science - and the fascinating, oftentimes disturbing world of classic black and white B-movie cinema.

Meanwhile, Eric's desperate search eventually leads him to his father's former boss - the man responsible for the accident that took his father out of their lives. However, despite his best efforts to get some answers out of the aged scientist, Eric soon realizes that the trail has gone cold and that there really is nothing he can do to save his father.

To sum things up, Quantum And Woody #3 is going to answer some questions, but get ready to be hit in the feels throughout all 32-pages. This is the issue fans of the world's worst superhero team have been waiting for - a heart warming tear-jerker that will go down in history as one of the greatest issues of Quantum And Woody to ever hit newsstands!

Rating: 5/5 - "A truly heart warming tale that is sure to go down in history as one of the greatest issues of Quantum And Woody to ever see the light of day!"

Quantum And Woody #3 hits newsstands today!

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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Get Your First Look At Krypton's Brainiac

British actor Blake Ritson was revealed to be playing the villainous Brainiac in the upcoming prequel series Krypton late last year. Now, USA Today has gotten a first look at the character ahead of the show's debut next month - and he's shockingly close to his comic counterpart.

Check out the Destroyer Of Worlds posted below...

Interestingly enough, because this is a time period that has never been covered in the source material before, Ritson says that this provides the team working on the new show with "something of a blank canvas that has allowed a lot of freedom for the writers to world-build. This is a major expansion of the Superman universe and mythology and the civilization that fostered the greatest hero that ever lived."

"He traverses the universe in a gigantic skull ship, ripping cities out of planets, miniaturizing them and placing them on board. But he does so in the spirit of conservation," Ritson adds. "In his mind, he's committed to the ultimate philanthropic act: saving all of creation. In many ways it's analogous to Noah plucking out two of every animal to ensure their survival, even while knowing that others must perish."
That's some pretty deep stuff, and we've no doubt that the classic DC villain will prove more than a little difficult to deal with when Krypton debuts on Syfy on March 21st.

Be sure to also check out the villain's reveal in the new trailer posted below...

What do you think, Infinite Earths fans?
Source: USA Today 
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Jurassic World 3 Gets A Release Date

Hold on to your butts!

Universal Pictures has announced the official release date for Jurassic World 3.

The studio has slated the sequel for release on June 11th, 2021. And, if that's not exciting enough, Pacific Rim Uprising writer Emily Carmichael has joined on with the project as a writer alongside Colin Trevorrow. No details regarding a director are available at this time.

Trevorrow spoke with Variety about Carmichael joining the team.

"It’s important to this franchise that we welcome new creative voices to keep our storytelling fresh and alive," says Trevorrow. "I’m thrilled with the tension and beauty J.A. has brought to ‘Fallen Kingdom,’ and I know Emily will add another layer of emotion to the concluding chapter of our trilogy."

Emily Carmichael was hired by Amblin in 2016 to write and direct the family action-adventure Powerhouse. She also recently The Black Hole for Disney and director Joseph Kosinski.

Fans will travel back to Jurassic World this June with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, B.D. Wong, Jeff Goldblum, James Cromwell, Ted Levine, Raff Spall, Toby Jones and Justice Smith, the film opens in theatres on June 22nd.

Source: Universal Pictures

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The Force Is Strong With These New Star Wars Prints

Dark Ink has updated their official website with two exciting prints from a galaxy far, far away.

First up, there's the Mandalorian Mettle print from artist Jeremy Saliba. Measuring 15.5" x 24", this impressive piece features the fearsome bounty hunter known as Boba Fett standing victoriously over the smouldering remains of the almighty Sarlacc. Limited to just 395 pieces, each print comes hand-numbered and complete with a certificate of authenticity.

But that's not all, Infinite Earths fans!

Dark Ink has also opened up orders for the stellar Rancor's Wrath print. Also hailing from artist Jeremy Saliba, this print is inspired by the events depicted in Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi and sees a young Luke Skywalker squaring off against Jabba's deadly Rancor. Limited to just 395 pieces, each print comes hand-numbered and complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Each print is priced at $40, and available for purchase right now.

Feel the Power Of The Force by adding these beautiful prints to your collection today!

Source: Dark Ink Art

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We Take Aim At Green Arrow With Juan Ferreyra

Most will agree that one of the best titles to come out of the DC Comics Rebirth initiative was Green Arrow from writer Benjamin Percy and artists Juan Ferreyra, Otto Schmidt and Stephen Byrne. While the team will soon finish up their work on the title, we've little doubt that the series will go down in history as one of the very best sagas to feature the Emerald Archer!

Infinite Earths recently had a chance to chat with one of the artists on Green Arrow in the very talented Juan Ferreyra, and he was more than willing to discuss his time on the fan-favorite DC Comics series! Check out the full interview posted below...

Infinite Earths: "Can you tell us a bit about how you git involved in the comic book field?"

Juan Ferreyra: "I always loved reading comics. My dad had comics around the house all the time and he's also a great artist that taught me how to draw. I knew I wanted to draw all my life, then at 10 when I bought my first superhero comic, Action Comics #584, I was blown away and realized I wanted to draw comics. Fast-forward a lot of years and after self-publishing around 7 comics, I decided to try to break in for real and with writer Jason Rand, we got our first pro published work at Image with our comic Small Gods that ran for 13 issues in 2005."

Infinite Earths: "Have you worked on any other DC Comics titles then Green Arrow?"

Juan Ferreyra: " Yeah, I started doing covers for Constantine and New Suicide Squad. My first interiors were with Constantine: Future's End with Ray Fawkes, then Batman: Eternal #75 with Tim Seeley. After that, I got my first change at a series doing Gotham By Midnight (again with Fawkes), then I moved to New Suicide Squad (back with Seeley), to end with Green Arrow: Rebirth with Benjamin Percy."

Infinite Earths: "What other projects have you worked on outside of DC Comics?"

Juan Ferreyra: "I started with Small Gods for Image Comics, there I did a creator owned comic called Lazarus for Shadowline with writer Diego Cortez that was before the current Lazarus. I've also worked on Emissary with Jason Rand for Shadowline. Then I moved to Dark Horse where I worked on Rex Mundi with Arvid Elson, Kiss Me, Satan! with Victor Gischler than Falling Skies, Prometheus and Colder with writer Paul Tobin."

Infinite Earths: "What has it been like working alongside Benjamin Percy? Is this the first project that the two of you have collaborated on?"
Juan Ferreyra: "Yeah it was our first project together and we had a blast! We started with a more straightforward script and then we moved into more open scripts once we got to know each other and each issue was more fun than the previous! Ben is a very gracious writer and person, I was very lucky to be able to work with him."

Infinite Earths: "Were you familiar with the legacy of Green Arrow before starting work on the Emerald Archer's Rebirth tale?"

Juan Ferreyra: "No, before working on the title, I had never read a Green Arrow book. That is why I was scared to work on it, but editors Brian Cunningham and Andy Khouri gave me a lot of confidence and trust that I could pull it off! And it helped!"

Infinite Earths: "You've been involved with this title since Day #1, so what has it been like to watch the changes these characters have undergone over the last few years?"
Juan Ferreyra: "I don't know, it was fun to experience and be part of it!"

Infinite Earths: "What's it like to get a phone call asking you to bring one of DC's most iconic heroes to life for a new series?"
Juan Ferreyra: "I got an email, but I was thrilled they considered me to be part of Rebirth!! Really excited by the opportunity!

Infinite Earths: "Given the surge in popularity these characters have undergone in recent years thanks to shows like Arrow, would you say there is an added pressure nowadays to make sure that you get these characters right?"
Juan Ferreyra: "Maybe, but I try and give my best in every title I work on, there is more exposure, but the responsibilities remain the same."

Infinite Earths: You've also been doing some work for the DC Metal title. Can you tell us a little bit about that?"
Juan Ferreyra: "That was really awesome to get to be a part of!! I had a lot of fun playing with different characters from the DC Universe, it was also really great to be able to design the Batman Who Laughs Batmobile."

Infinite Earths: "How do superhero projects differ from other books you've worked on?"

Juan Ferreyra: "They are more spectacle, they have a more popcorn feel to them, which I love!"

Infinite Earths: "If you had the chance to work on the dream project of your choice, what would that be for you?"

Juan Ferreyra: "I would LOVE to tackle Superman for a long run, he's my favorite character and the reason I read and draw comic! Then, after that, writing and drawing my own comics!"

Infinite Earths: "So, what's next for you and Green Arrow? Any chance we could get an exclusive teaser or tidbit as to what's next for the Emerald Archer and his friends?"

Juan Ferreyra: "I get to draw the last issue of Benjamin Percy's run on Green Arrow. I get to draw the last arc, and we try to tie all the loose ends and stories that we seeded along the way on these past two years. In regards to a teaser, we get to see the trail against Ollie and how he and his friends, including the Justice League, try to make clear that Ollie is innocent."

Infinite Earths would like to personally thank Mr. Ferreyra for taking time out of his busy schedules to speak with us! We are honored to have you as a fan and supporter of our work at Infinite Earths and look forward to speaking with you again in the future! 

Be sure to pop on over to Juan's official website, and give him a follow on Twitter!

Until next time, Infinite Earths fans!

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